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To make the right choice you need to decide which of the functions of the products Preity is most important to you:


heating a room, a few rooms on several floors or just for decoration
in a room or in a non-residential premises should be heating appliance
to prepare food - broiled, on a plate, in an oven
to complement the decor in modern or antique style
To calculate the necessary power to bear in mind that heating of 1 cubic meter is needed capacity from 25 to 180 depending on Tues exhibition, insulation, sealing of window frames, the outside temperature, wind speed and weather which is necessary to achieve thermal comfort.
To calculate the necessary amount of fuel, the following estimates:
calorific value of dry wood - 3 to 4 / kg.
calorific value of coal black - 6 to
losses on evaporation of water from wet fuel from 1 to 1.5 / liter

Additional support for selection available from our distributors or assemblies.


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